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FREE ELECTRONICS LAB  BOOK for beginners - to get started with electronics

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Richard  A. Muller/Physics for future presidents best conceptual Physics class     
Extraordinary Physics lectures Walter Lewin/Classical Mechanics (see II and III)
Neil deGrass Tyson: republicans vs democrats     on-line classes from universities   cosmolearning: more videos    hidden Universe
Alex Filippenko / COSMOLOGY (best cosmology lecturer)      HADRON RAP     LHC-    LEARN ABOUT THE COLLIDER (3 movies)
the universe in a nutshell
Dr Michio Kaku        FREE CLASSES FROM TOP U  more FREECLASSES  freeclasses
free classes  more free classes   even more free classes   free online classes @Carnegie Melon    central for free classes 
central of free classes 
classes Berkeley   periodic table of videos        RI channel lecture on youtube (TV)    berkeleylab UCTV    berkeley   stanford see Classes Without Quizzes
Khan Academy    cambridge  cornell     see also caltech arizona U and  the mechanical universe    science videos   minute physics
  compadre(resources) compadre2    cliffs notes   Best reference site for phys howstuffworks  howstuffworks videos
WolframAlpha (example: Solve [x+y= 0, xy + 3x=2] ). derivative/integral calculator   rounding/significant figures  more on measurements errors
TRIG    AlgebraI  calculus tutorial   calculus more calculus   common integrals common integrals   vector calculus calculus III 
motion/video analysis resources to be used with tracker   Physics calculator    error propagation      Prof. Walter Lewin on error propagation  stat/error/measurements
  average of functions    engeneering tool box       temperature conversion  references / constants    wxMaxima  
CONVERSIONon line   conversion free on line  stopwatch on-line     virtual TI to download    excellent softwares   free-metronome     physlet
nobel prizes for physics: explanation  101sciencesmath=links    tutorials   great TUTORIAL    free textbooks   Christmas lecture@Royal institution
HUMOR   more humor    ASTRONOMY picture of the day  SKY OF THE MONTH (NY) MILKY WAY     NASA  .       humor chem
discovery news  SCI GURU scienceworld MIT tech news BBC news    innovation daily    eHOW   
PhD comics   
facebook group to join
COST of College    TEXTBOOKS for less  CHEAPEST TESXTBOOKS   DONT BE A SCIENCE MAJOR       the price of admission(Daniel Golden)

Irene Joliot Curie
Nobel prize for artificial radioactivity
LEVEL I: (9th grade)  
Math skills for Sciences:
order of magnitude, powers of 10, scientific notation, measurements and indirect measurements, metric system, ratios, TI ,density,  forces , vectors, gravity mass vs weight,  cosmology, static electricity ,coulombs law, basic circuits, pressure  Pascal principle, hydrostatic, buoyancy, atmospheric pressure
Math connection:
scientific notation, power of ten, proportions, using the TI, plugging numbers into an algebraic expression, Pythagorean theorem, slope,vectors

Dame Jocelyn Burnell
Discovered the first pulsar.
her Thesis advisor took credit for it
and got the Nobel prize.
LEVEL II: (10th grade) 
graphing skills  to derive relationships  Newton's 3 law in depth: frictional forces , equilibrium,  hookes law , torques, momentum , conservation of momentum,   energy I: work theorem, units, power conservation,  kinematics 1D

Math connection:
Linear, direct and inverse relationships,
using TI to find  Best fit line/curve,

solving equations, algebraic expressions,
quadratic equations


Lisa Meitner
Understood the process of fission
Her colleague took the credit for it and
 got the Nobel prize
LEVEL III: (11-13th) 
 Vectors in 2D and trig , kinematics in 2D,  Newton laws  in 2D ,  ,energy II, momentum 2D, circular motion,  angular momentum, motion in heaven:  Kepler's laws, free-fall, gravitational law, optics  ,
waves, modern physics  
radioactivity, relativity, E=hυ, fusion and fission
Math connection:
Trigonometry,   vectors, polar graph,  parabola, exponential functions

Maria Goeppert-Mayer - Nobel Prize
studied the atomic  structure

in construction 
motion in fields, oscillators,  
vector analysis, references calc II

Math connection:
periodic functions, derivative,
differential equations,
vector fields

Marie Curie - 2 Nobel Prize  radioactivity

Rosalind Franklin

Independently discovered
DNA shape in helix
and more. Was denied
credit for it. Watson and Crick took credits.

LECTURE notes 

 non-science majors Phys and Astro

lecture notes and applets
based on the book:
Physics and Technology for Future Presidents
Richard A. Muller, Princeton University Press 2010

lecture notes
lecture notes and applets
based on the books:
Inquiry into  Physics / 
Ostdiek and Bord

Cengage Learning 2011
The Physics of Everyday Phenomena
W. Thomas Griffith
McGraw Hill, 4e

lecture notes and applets ASTRONOMY 101
Cosmic perspective / Bennett ..
and Astronomy / Seeds ..
PHYSICS 105 and 106
lectures part 1
lectures part 2


store for science fair
very good supplies for sciences
another good source
demontration videos for the previous company
other supplier
mini microphone
great store to buy electronics kits, components, multimeters, jumper wires...
website with experiments
show me the physics
from pasco
labs battery/energy
GREAT DEMOS sciencetheater
Sciences et vie
for science fair
joule thief
introduction to labs see potentiometer
current balance
videos of labs
demonstrations in Physics lecture    demonstrations  (good references too)      
teacher's resources (sargent welch)
experiments and questions/answers
science fair projects
labs to print in bio/physio with connection physics
toys from trash  toys from trash you-tube
more physics toys
more science toys
virtual free-fall lab
same: great virtual labs. human errors are simulated
more applets
virtual lab
physics and Astro. physlets
nice applets
more applets (see doppler, very good)
applets see chemistry too (gaslaws)
applets and animations
great animations
animations (french) + astro too
definitions and animationSo
some applets
U-tube video Sciences
a lot of resources
animation PHYSICS (thanks Andrew) more animations    animations (good sound waves)
great virtual lab
applet see Kepler's laws
VIDEOS from Nobel Prize lauretates/ See Sheldon Glashow and Cohen-Tanoudji
animations to buy
TUTORIAL  + animations/pictures
more applets virtual labs tutorial
excellent website with theory  (book on-line)
computer siumlation in science education
excellent tutoring
great tutorial
The physics classroom
tutorials videos
tutorials with applets and problems
tutorial on-line, lesson plans, videos. AP physics and more
do dig in
lecture notes
AP Physics study guide + links
Physics problems  (mechanics)
Physics tutorial main (electromagnetism)
physics 101 lectures + LABS
resources in French
Physics High school boook online
tutoral / articles
physics of accelerators
online textbook (Andrew)
excellent articles about Physics in every day's applications
particles zoo
chemistry (periodic table)
chemistry class
chemistry activities
lesson plans Sciences
Chemistry activities
online chemistry tutorial
download DS9
Labs on line
NASA educational website
excellent website. all the formula you need, nice compact encyclopedia
exoplanets + images + resources
applets virtual labs
lecture notes excellent : data
applets astronomy
applets astro
applets astro
links to applets
lecture notes, very good
other lectures notes (assignments) excellent
very interesting website about cosmology
astronomy 103
history of space flight
astronomy 102
astronomy 162 (applets)
lecture notes
lecture 13:
lectures notes
lecture notes
labs + animations
lectures from Berkeley University very good
worksheet Math
applets Math: derivative, vectors..
applet 9th grade Math
Math/Science activity center for MS and HS
the math page ( precalc, calc, arithmetic, geometry, trig) blic/
HERE is a very good website to review ALGEBRA
excellent videos tutorial
  online-problems. excellent site  
free videos
videos excellent website        
basic for middle schools
links to games for MS
learning about electronics
excellent materials for circuits  
to check: circuits on computers
buy electronics components here too   here too    here too
  electronics parts   supplies    goldmine
cool projects: darlington
solving matrix with TI83
build circuits
interesting projects  
circuits with the amazing 555 IC
EXCELLENT SUPPLIES for intro classes
favorite link

excellent tutorials on youtube
more projets
start with breadboard and more
all about circuits
anotther website for electronics
basics of electronics
coil gun
snap kits parts
laser trip wire
place capacitor across motor
Navy eletronics training
videos - lectures - electronics
more tutorials from voltage to MOSFET
hall effect
how to build a power supply
class notes
tutorial OP amp   see here too
interesting projects
replacement parts
negative supplies
transistor switch vs amplifier
experiments  - applets RLC ..
great tutorials electronics
tutorial here
tutorial here and here
PRoJECTS    (leyden jar)
basic electronics tutorial
more tutorials   
more here     inductors
building a transformer and other projects
digital electronics - university class
in French: videos incroyables experiences
(build an ampli)
JAVA/programming     (lecture notes)
tutorial for java
java tutorials
reference java
tutorials electronics / projects / arduino
tutorials lelectroncis / java / C++ and more

  electronics tutorials  
tool box for engineers
java tutorial free
arduino tutorial
arduino tutorial  
arduino 101
arduino tutorials

Physics, Principles and problems (LEVEL I)
by Paul W. Zitzewitz, Merill Publishing Company

Conceptual Physics (LEVEL I or LEVEL II)
 by Paul G. Hewitt, Addison-Wesley    

Physics of Everyday Phenomena (College book, LEVEL II)
by W. Thomas Griffith (McGraw Hill)

Physics , principles and problems
by Glencoe, McGraw-Hill (LEVEL II)

pub google
movie: Antoinne Lavoisier
 (from NOVAE, Einstein big idea)
H2O + Fe -> FeO (IRON OXYDE) + H2


Phd Thesis (1997) - UMPC

p. 118 out of 305
Structure interne de l' Etna et de la Fournaise d' apres la tomographie sismique
Rapport quadriennal 1995-1998
See her too. (same but cut out)

see :Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research
Volume 70, Issues 3-4, March 1996, Pages 123-143

Basic Math for adults
(to prepare the accuplacer test)
workbook 1

ELECTRONICS LABS FOR BEGINNERS ($10)  To get started with electroncis
           format: pdf 22.0MB will be sent by email
what is inside ?  cover unit1 unit2 unit3 unit4  unit5 unit6 unit 7  materials you needI  materials you needII  one page for example

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